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Streamline Home Theaters' featured installation of "The Southington Man Cave" of Southington, Connecticut. This article contains detailed information on one of our largest projects of this year! The Southington Man Cave consists of a 103" 1080p projection screen with a premium 910 Watt 7.1 KEF surround sound audio system that blows away even the best commercial movie theaters.
"The Southington Man Cave"
This basement home theater is a sight to see! Imagine watching a movie on the big screen at your local movie theater, then multiply that experience by at least 500% and that's what this personal home theater produces. The crystal clear 103 inch 1080P picture combined with a 910 Watt 7.1 surround sound system fine tuned for this room with seven large leather automatic reclining seats and theater style dimming lights should say it all but words and pictures don't do this room justice. This theater can comfortably seat up to seven guests all with a perfect non-obstructive view of the entire screen. This theater room is acoustically perfect in every way; the sound produced by seven premium KEF speakers delivers a full crisp spectrum of sound throughout the entire room that doesn't bounce around. Every detail throughout the overall design of this room, including the carpet and sheetrock used was designed to maintain optimal sound quality. Whether it's being used for viewing a movie with the family or entertaining friends during a sporting event, this custom home theater system is amazing in every way!
About the Audio / Video equipment
JVC D-ILA Front Projector - The DLA-HD100 brings Full HD to your home with the industry's highest native contrast ratio. The "native" means that it does not rely on an iris mechanism to maximize contrast depending on the average brightness of one scene. This technical sleight of hand employed on other projectors, effectively changes overall luminosity, so that blacks are slightly bleached in bright scenes, while light colors appear duller in dark scenes.

1080P Video Output
30,000:1 Contrast Ratio

Projection Size 60" - 200"

KEF KHT5000 Surround Sound Speakers - The cool minimalism of these slender cast aluminum column speakers belies the sophistication of the technology that makes them sound so authoritative.
Whether you’re watching a film or chilling out to a few tracks, they sound as clean as they look.
100W X 7 Total Speaker Power = 700W

Jamo Sub300 - The SUB 300 is equipped with a powerful 10in long-throw woofer unit housed in the unique slotted port cabinet and a BASH® amplifier capable of delivering 300W of peak power. The powerful amplifier, increased cabinet size and unique design make this subwoofer capable of delivering both a higher sound pressure level (SPL) and a flat frequency response, down to 28 Hz. All delivered, of course, with maximum musical fidelity and a flat frequency response. The SUB 300 is equipped with a front-mounted volume control for easy adjustment.

300W X 2 Total Sub Power = 600W

Total Room Cost = < $50,000
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